What are the different streetwear styles?

What Are The Different Streetwear Styles?

Streetwear is the casual clothing that is worn by everyone nowadays, especially in urban areas. They are often worn to express one's personal style and creativity.

The streetwear culture includes (and is not limited to): hoodies, t-shirts with logos or graphic designs, pants or shorts combined with casual or sports shoes. People wear it almost every day.

Today, we're going to talk about the different streetwear styles.

Hip-hop Streetwear

Hip-hop streetwear is the most known of all who are part of this culture. It's characterized by wearing clothes with common logos, but also in their designs and graphics, which were inspired by many different hip hop acts or related to music lyrics.

Some people have their own unique style, but there are some common characteristics that you can find in almost every hip-hop streetwear outfit: tattoos, caps, chains, sunglasses.

Hip-hop clothing is usually worn with sneakers or hi-tops. The clothes themselves follow the latest trends and usually, they're loosely fitted for a casual look.

Streetwear hip-hop

Streetwear Style For Girls

Although the majority of people who identify themselves with this movement are men, some women also believe that they should be part of it. It's believed that girls started joining this culture in the 80s and 90s. Girls like wearing comfy streetwear or chillout style.

Girls wearing streetwear

Streetwear Style For Men

Among men, streetwear style is very popular. There are different kinds of people who have their own style of wearing it. For example, if you go to the office, you might want to dress more formally and professionally with a shirt or blouse underneath your jacket or cardigan which covers your t-shirt.

However, it's different when you just want to hang out with your friends. Wearing streetwear for casual evenings would be common. It's where you'd see most people wearing hoodies and t-shirts or sweaters.

There are men who like to dress more like rappers and hip-hop acts, like having bandanas and bracelets around their wrists and ankles. This is not limited only to that look as there are many different styles of streetwear for self-expression.

Men wearing streetwear

Japanese Style Streetwear

Not all streetwear styles are familiar with hip-hop culture. However, some of the most common ones are inspired by this movement.

Japanese style streetwear is one of them. It's an urban look that has its roots in Harajuku culture, which includes wearing clothes from brands like A Bathing Ape (BAPE) or Undercover, which are popular in Japan.

As a matter of fact, people from all around the globe have adapted to Japanese-style clothing over the years because of its uniqueness.

Japanese streetwear style Bape

International Style Streetwear

Another example of streetwear style that has its roots in hip-hop culture is called "International style streetwear." This includes wearing clothes from European brands like Stone Island, Y-3, or Raf Simons. So, if you want to wear clothes with simple designs and colors that are fitted for athletic activities, this is the look for you.

Y-3 streetwear

Kids Style Streetwear

Streetwear is not only worn by adults. If you want to be part of this culture, but your age doesn't allow it, you can always opt for kid's style streetwear. As its name suggests, it's an urban look that has its roots in hip-hop and includes wearing items from brands like Supreme or Adidas.

Kids streetwear

Street Style Clothing

Street style is another common streetwear style. It's all about wearing unique clothes according to the latest trends, but always following your own sense of fashion. There are different kinds of people who wear it, whether they are young or old.

Some might think that it requires a certain budget for buying expensive designer clothes, but this is not the case at all. The Japanese fashion style is all about showing your individuality. It's not about wearing costly clothes.

Street style clothing

Urban Style Clothing

Urban style is perfect for people who want to wear casual clothes but still create a unique look.

It doesn't matter your age or gender, you can still take part in this streetwear culture. The most important thing is having fun wearing and designing your men's urban style clothing.

Urban style clothing

Men's Street Style Clothing

Men's street style clothing is making an even bigger comeback in 2022. Celebrities like Kanye West, Jay Z, and A$AP Rocky have been seen wearing different streetwear styles.

It's amazing how far streetwear design has come. There are no rules when you're mixing and matching your style. You are free to be as creative as you want.

For example, you can wear your distressed denim jacket with joggers. It's not about wearing the same thing as everyone else or following trends.

You can express yourself through everything you wear including sweatshirts, jeans, hats, jackets, and more! Some people like to mix up their style by adding a little bit of preppy into the mix. It's all about what you feel comfortable wearing and how you want the world to see you.

Men's street style clothing

The Colorful Streetwear Fashion

Streetwear can be colorful too! In fact, it inspired the movement of the Japanese to wear those crazy neon outfits.

It's not about following the latest trends and wearing only black clothes. That is considered to be boring, and it doesn't allow you to show your unique style.

You should try streetwear clothing that makes you feel comfortable but also shows off your colorful side! You can wear bright pink or green pants if you want to.

Colorful streetwear fashion

The Younger Generations Love Streetwear Fashion

The younger generations really love streetwear fashion. They find it to be the perfect option for someone who likes to look stylish but also wants comfort when wearing their clothes.

While it's true that streetwear started making waves in the 90s, the younger generations, specifically Generation Z, are embracing it with open arms.

Younger generations wearing streetwear