Streetwear Shorts

When we talk about streetwear, one of the things we first think about is streetwear shorts. It's probably because the best streetwear shorts out there offer comfort like no other, and at the same time, the best brands offer cool design shorts that you can wear in public without looking as if you were too lazy that day.

During summer days, when the sun is trying to cook us all the way, we can thank the Gods of streetwear for making a wide range of short styles and designs available. You can choose from timeless classics; shorts for the beach, backyard party, or dancing night-outs. Shorts that can keep legs cool under the shade of the sun during the summer outing or keep them comfy while out for a stroll during a lunch date.

Men's streetwear shorts can be categorized into several categories, and the same thing goes for women's streetwear shorts. To choose the best one, you should make sure it checks all the boxes for the main criteria: material, length, fit, and patterns.

Streetwear Cargo Shorts

Streetwear Cargo Shorts is where style meets practicality. Donning one of these can keep you cool under the blazing sun while turning heads, thanks to its sleek cyber chic look. It gives you the "I'm cool but don't mess with me vibe." During summer, where out-of-trips are the norm, the extra pockets that cargo shorts offer can come in handy; you can use them to store your camera, phone, or that badly needed sunscreen. Trust us when we say every wardrobe would benefit from owning at least one pair of cargo shorts. They can make you look stylish as heck without much effort. It also comes with many different designs that fit every gender and age, so that's an extra point.

Streetwear Basketball Shorts

You see people wearing streetwear basketball shorts despite not being in court and shooting hoops, and you ask yourself, why? The answer is simple. Streetwear basketball shorts are comfy as hell since they are made to be lightweight and breathable. Like literally, it was specifically designed for comfort while players who are the primary users of this design play for hours and generate sweat all around. Take it from LeBron, Blake Griffin, D-Wade, and many more star athletes that keep donning basketball shorts outside the court; they know the comfort it offers and can't resist wearing them.

Streetwear Mesh Shorts

So, yeah, you agree that streetwear basketball shorts are great, but you are hesitant due to many factors. Such as they are just too baggy for your liking, or you don't feel confident wearing them; they don't appeal to your fashion style, or you are worried you might end up being tagged for indecent exposure while wearing them. Well, you might like to check out streetwear mesh shorts. They look and feel like an upgraded version of those shots NBA players in the '80s wore or the gym shorts required for classes before. Streetwear mesh shorts are designed to fit better, look better and keep you cool under the sweltering summer heat.