What is Supreme streetwear?

What Is Supreme Streetwear?

Anyone who keeps up with the trends knows and loves Supreme streetwear. If you’re someone who likes the laid-back and cool look of streetwear fashion, you might have found yourself fawning over Supreme clothes.

Supreme clothing can be anything from Supreme hoodies to Supreme shoes. The company has been around for decades, which is why they have so many items on sale. Some of these are the following:

  • Supreme backpacks

  • Supreme hats

  • Supreme fanny packs

  • Supreme shirts

Due to the popularity of Supreme, there are now hundreds of brands like Supreme. People are now demanding more streetwear clothes than ever.

Today, we are going to find out more about the ever-trending fashion that is Supreme streetwear.

Humble Beginnings

The popular Supreme brand didn’t start off with a big budget when it started. As a matter of fact, Supreme was just a skateboarding store in Manhattan. It was stationed in the SoHo neighborhood.

Two decades later, they are one of the sought-after brands in the world. Fans all over the world are trying to get their hands on the following Supreme items:

  • Supreme bags

  • Supreme jackets

  • Supreme sweatshirts

Interestingly, when the pandemic hit, people started buying Supreme face masks as well, regardless of how expensive they are.

The company has also started selling clothing undergarments, such as Supreme boxers and Supreme underwear.

In the early days, the Supreme clothing brand was only selling Supreme hoodies for men and sweatshirts.

In the 90s up to the early 2000s, they weren’t selling any Supreme accessories, like the Supreme cap and Supreme shoelaces. Now, you can buy Supreme belts that go well with your Supreme pants in the stores.

Supreme started to change in the late 2000s, and people from all over the world became curious as to what Supreme can bring into the streetwear industry.

The brand took off because of Nike’s collaboration. It was the Supreme Blazer SB that made everyone want to have a pair. The resale prices for a pair were between $300 - $400.

Supreme la fayette streetwear store

Building The Supreme Empire

One of the biggest factors for their success is their simplistic logo. It isn’t anything special. If anything, Supreme’s logo is just an italic letter with a red background.

The reason why this worked so well is that it doesn’t feel like a fashion brand. It gives off a contemporary art feel, which skaters are loving.

The iconic logo fits especially well with the following items:

  • Supreme sweatpants

  • Supreme t-shirts

  • Supreme sweaters

Another thing that made Supreme the big of a brand it is today is its design. The white Supreme shirt that they sell has popular quotes and phrases on them. This enables the wearer to speak their mind through their Supreme tee.

Supreme also creates a variety of designs on the logo itself, whether it may be on their Supreme sneakers or Supreme puffer jackets, which keeps their growing fanbase excited as to what they’ll release the next time around.

Supreme logo


Supreme practices the law of supply and demand to its core. That is why they are often found in collaboration with popular brands to create limited edition items.

There are collectors who purchase limited edition items so that they can resell them at a much higher price a few years from now. Some of the brands Supreme has worked with include The North Face, Nike, and Vans.

Aside from aesthetics, Supreme makes sure that they are selling high-quality and comfortable clothes for their buyers. They sell 100% cotton clothes and Supreme shorts, which makes them comfy to wear for day-to-day tasks, like running errands and working.

Supreme Nike Collaboration


Supreme is known to release limited pieces of its products. They know that it gives financial opportunities to resellers, which makes the item more valuable to the masses.

There are some items that are over 10x than the original price. You can say that buying Supreme crossbody bags is a smart investment.

The biggest collaboration Supreme had so far is with Louis Vuitton. When the merchandise was released, resellers were one of the first ones to make the purchase. As a result, plenty of resellers made quite a profit.

It is safe to say that you can expect a lot more unique collaborations in the future. Who knows? They might sell a limited edition of Supreme jerseys in partnership with the NBA.;

Supreme Louis Vuitton collaboration

Celebrities Love Supreme

You can spot celebrities wearing Supreme vests, Supreme watches, Supreme windbreakers, and other Supreme merch.

The brand is widely embraced by celebrities all over the world. These celebrities include Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and even Chris Brown.

This is free advertising for Supreme, considering some of the biggest names are openly rocking their shirts and Supreme tote bags.

It influences the fans of these musicians and actors to purchase a pair of Supreme sneakers or a Supreme shirt.

Kanye West wearing Supreme

Smart Marketing Strategy

Supreme mainly uses its large fan base to continuously grow the empire. To make their fans on their toes for new releases, the marketing team leaks new information about new products and future collaboration.

They know that building anticipation and excitement is the best way to get the word out. It makes headlines naturally, and it actually helps them cut costs with marketing.

The moment fans know about a new release, people will start lining up outside the stores. It’s amazing how Supreme has one of the longest lines when a new product is out. The hype made it possible for Supreme to sell a single brick for $30 in 2016.

With people constantly refreshing the Supreme website for new updates and product releases, Supreme is one of the biggest streetwear brands in the world.

People lining up to Supreme

Supreme Streetwear Alternatives

While Supreme is a massive empire with hundreds of products in its pipeline, it is still a luxury brand. Window shopping and browsing their online catalogs may tempt you to purchase, but the prices are incredibly high.

As mentioned earlier, Supreme has become the go-to for resellers as the profits are lucrative. For people who genuinely like to rock streetwear fashion, you’re better off buying the alternatives.

If you want to wear the aesthetic black Supreme hoodie and the loose gray sweatpants style without breaking the bank, visit Streetwear Store instead. It is a dedicated streetwear brand that sells high-quality merchandise at an affordable price.

We genuinely want the streetwear community to grow by selling comfy and trendy clothes you can buy within your budget.

After all, streetwear is about self-expression and individuality. It is not about the price you pay for your clothes.

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