What streetwear to wear in the summer?

What Streetwear To Wear In The Summer?

There are things in life that just go well together, such as peanut butter and jelly, bread & butter, campfires & smores, and of course streetwear and summer. There might be some uncertainty if we say streetwear during winter or spring streetwear, but there is never a hesitation when it comes to streetwear summer outfits.

So, what is it with streetwear culture, and why does it go so great with summer. Streetwear is a form of expression, a way to show individuality, and a youth movement. It gained recognition for many good reasons, but one of the best is that it goes with varying looks – from having elements of hip hop, skater fashion, and even luxury. It also primarily focuses on the wearer's comfort, which definitely makes it the best style for summer.

Here are some top suggestions and our personal favorites on what streetwear to wear in the blazing heat of summertime:

Active Athletic

Summer means outdoor fun. Maybe a hike? A walk in the park? A yoga? A game with friends? Streetwear culture has been creating more and more options of street styles that can serve dual purposes like a regular day fit but at the same time can be worn while working out and staying active.

The active, athletic streetwear style aims to make the wearer look pulled together, ready for the day, and functional enough to use on a workout routine.

The improvements made on streetwear outfits make active athletics quite trendy. Many streetwear brands out there offer various designs, color schemes, light, breathable materials. Some even have customized their pieces with a silky inner lining that assures the material remains cool while wearing it during a hot summer day.

Some of the streetwear brands that excel in active, athletic styles would be NikeLab, Adidas Originals, P.E. Nation, and Ryderwear.

Active athletic streetwear

Monochromatic Outfit

Streetwear is definitely all about comfort, and everybody wants to be in their comfiest state, especially during summer. But being comfortable does not equate to a dull and bland style all the time.

So, this coming summer, how about you try going with the sophisticated look by donning a street-style monochromatic outfit? You can do it the N.Y. way, which is their usual all-black outfits, or you can even try going colorful with it. After all, it is summer, so having fun even with your wardrobe is a must!

The good thing about monochromatic outfits is that they flow nicely and are usually much more affordable. Wearing them also automatically saves you time from the hassle of mixing and matching.

Some of the brands you can check out when looking for a monochromatic outfit are Gosha Rubchinskiy, Kith, and Undercover.

Monochromatic street style outfit


I know. I know. Suit during summer? Suit as streetwear? Sounds crazy.

True, it might not be what you are expecting. Suits are usually more suggested during spring or winter since they are traditionally a clothing style reserved for days you want to be covered up and kept warm, which is definitely far from what you wish to during summertime, where the heat on the street is enough to cook you a sunny side up. And, of course, a suit is more of a formal type of styling, which isn't the word you would use to describe street style most of the time.

Here's the thing, though, as we told you above, streetwear has made so many changes and modifications to various styles to adapt to your environment and embrace the rules of streetwear which is comfortability and ease. Suits under the influence of streetwear now come in different designs that can be a perfect fit even during summer, specifically for ladies to keep them cool and look sexy and powerful.

Men don't have to fret as well as there are many summer street-style suits that are lighter, loose, and more billowing. The majority of summer suits from streetwear brands also use cut from more porous materials, such as silk, linen, or fine merino wool, and they usually are styled in light, sun-reflecting shades.

So yeah, streetwear definitely would let you wear a suit in summer without the side effect of heatstroke. Give it a try this coming summer. Let streetwear allow you to be formal, laidback, and fun at the same time.

Streetwear summer suit

Varsity Style

Various sports styles influence streetwear, so it isn't a surprise that they also adopted the varsity jacket and fits. Princess Diana is one of the famous people to get on with this trend, so I guess we can say she was a part of the streetwear community and one of its legendary icons.

Varsity streetwear style would definitely be perfect for any season but probably more with summer. Cool, chic, sporty, and fashionable. Many brands carry varsity streetwear styles out there, so check them out.

Varsity streetwear style

Silk Printed P.J.s

People want to wear as little as possible or something cozy that is perfect for a movie marathon on the couch in the summertime.

However, even in summer, we have places to go and things to do. Unfortunately, showing up in short shorts, sleeveless tops, or silk P.J.s can be a red flag. So, what to wear when you need to look put together, but at the same time, it's still keeping you cool as your home P.J.s? Well, runway fashion got the answer for you! This summer of 2022, go out and be the boss you are in the silky printed fashionable versions of pajamas.

Yes, I am not kidding. You can even call it elevated loungewear or the pajamas of the century. The streetwear community definitely loves this style right now, and I expect the love to grow more this summer of 2022.

Check out some styles available in Dior Men, Casablanca, Bluemarble, JCrew, and Restless Sleeps.

Fashionable pajamas

Wide-Leg Pants

Some people love skinny jeans, and that's cool. But, if you ask me, this summer of 2022, I would not be wearing anything skinny. No, thank you. Not with the blazing sun trying to fry my whole being.

My go-to pants and what I strongly suggest would be the talk of the town right now is wide-leg pants. Everybody is wearing it! Everyone in the world right now, from Milan to Japan, both guys and girls embraced looser, flowy pant shapes, drapey flares, barrel-legged pants, and slouchy cargos.

This style of pants is just wonderful! They give you a strong silhouette and are unquestionably more relaxing than their other counterparts—no wonder the streetwear community adopted this style as well.

Streetwear wide leg pants

Bucket Hats

When we talk about streetwear hats, one of the very things that would pop up in the conversation would be the bucket hat. It is an excellent staple for everyone's closet. It is uncomplicated and easily matches the rest of your outfits, and at the same time, it is fashionable enough to upgrade your ensemble.

Like any hat style out there, it is versatile enough that you can wear it any time of the year, but one of the best seasons to incorporate it into your streetwear would be during summer. Why? Well, it makes you stylish, as we already discussed, and it would add a layer of protection to your precious hair against the blazing summer sun.

As the temperatures continue to climb, you can start incorporating streetwear summer style into your outfit of the day. Don't be afraid to try something new or something outside your usual norm. After all, summer is the best time to elevate your looks.

Aside from our examples and suggestions here, there's no lack of summer getup inspiration on social media such as Instagram - don't be scared to copy and reinvent style to fit your personality and preference.

Finally, don't feel pressured to follow trends. Streetwear will always be about freedom of style. Wear what you want and enjoy summer!

Stylish bucket hats