Streetwear Sweatshirts

Streetwear prioritizes comfort above all else. Thus, it is no wonder why sweatshirts are one of the staples on any street style wardrobe. Brands like Champion streetwear or Reigning Champ have a range of sweatshirt styles and designs.

A streetwear sweatshirt could look casual, chic, and athletic simultaneously. It is also flattering to every body shape and can be paired with basically anything. It is indeed more versatile than you might initially expect. It is a good fit for any season or occasion. After all, sweatshirts come in a variety of styles and designs.

Fun fact, the neat trick of making the consumer a walking advertisement for brands we wear started with sweatshirts. It was the first item of clothing to be embellished with logos. Nowadays, sweatshirts with brand logos or names are still “hot” and “trendy.”

Crewneck Sweatshirt

This is conceivably the “simplest” form of a sweatshirt. A crew neck sweatshirt is heavier than your usual shirt, and its neck style is round and collarless. Crewneck sweatshirts are still a favorite among streetwear sweatshirts for years and years since they are incredibly comfortable and functional.

Polo Sweatshirt

When we say sweatshirt isn’t just for casual OOTD, we mean it. As proof, we have these polo sweatshirt styles, which are more than your average sweatshirt since they have the fashion elements of a polo, particularly in the collar part. This type is most widely available in men’s style. However, since sweatshirts can be a fun way to mix, match, and layer, nothing stops the ladies from styling them and owning them as part of their wardrobe.

Streetwear Sweater

Some people use the words sweatshirts and sweaters interchangeably, but for some purists, they are not the same. A sweater is designed to absorb sweat and a sweatshirt is designed to keep you warm. So no big deals and here at, we use these words interchangeably.

Short-Sleeved and Sleeveless

Most hoodies and sweatshirts originally were long-sleeved, but not anymore. Nowadays, you can get some in three-quarters, half-length, or even without sleeves at all. These are great for layering during the cold season when your core needs a bit more warmth, and it is definitely perfect during summertime.


Your regular sweatshirt can sometimes feel so lacking in winter, and you need to keep warm. No worries! Introducing fleece sweatshirts! This type of sweatshirt would keep you warm and snuggly. You can get them either as solid fleece or with a fleece lining. They are also perfect to pair with almost anything, so you can go out looking stylish and cozy.

Mock Neck

We all know what a traditional turtleneck is. A mock neck sweatshirt is basically its modernized version. The style is pretty unique since the top part consists of two layers of fabric that are stitched together. Mock neck sweatshirts are less constraining. They come in short-sleeved and even sleeveless style. Thus, you have the opportunity to wear one for cold weather and another one for warmer conditions.